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199b023ad4463e7edd8b5b9eb9ba3588af02b3a3 199b023ad4463e7edd8b5b9eb9ba3588af02b3a3
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c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5 c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5
f05ceea812ebe428c185b0563926ccc86aaac4da f05ceea812ebe428c185b0563926ccc86aaac4da
Standalone Platform Pre 2.4
c900cf54e912db0b64dbdabeb5159d55a4423075 c900cf54e912db0b64dbdabeb5159d55a4423075
885ad10c3e56ae11105727bb801f2f04042a18d9 885ad10c3e56ae11105727bb801f2f04042a18d9
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#109 (Changes by jwnasambu <>)
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This build has been failing since #109
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Code commits
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Kakumirizi Daud <> Kakumirizi Daud <> f05ceea812ebe428c185b0563926ccc86aaac4da f05ceea812ebe428c185b0563926ccc86aaac4da RASTWS-853: End point update provider test (#508)
* RESTWS-853: End point provider update test

* RESTWS-853: Get a provider with a certain uuid

* RESTWS-853: Rename string variable to edited person uuid

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Some of the jobs or stages referenced by this result no longer exist.

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Unknown Issue TypeRASTWS-853Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeRESTWS-853Could not obtain issue details from Jira