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OpenMRS Administrator OpenMRS Administrator 125b7d1708d08428740a9be294345c363ba64f6b m 125b7d1708d08428740a9be294345c363ba64f6b "Updated versions
OpenMRS Administrator OpenMRS Administrator b2c07f18cba4c79cb49f6f364a4e06de30733ac8 m b2c07f18cba4c79cb49f6f364a4e06de30733ac8 "Updated versions
OpenMRS Administrator OpenMRS Administrator e7841956bfee72323dee4b1c2b42a53d3f2c0177 m e7841956bfee72323dee4b1c2b42a53d3f2c0177 "Updated versions
dkayiwa <> dkayiwa <> 30887dabea5352f56d0e1c42517ac9f90116f8b3 m 30887dabea5352f56d0e1c42517ac9f90116f8b3 Upgrading the sdk because of bintray EOL
gitcliff <> gitcliff <> 6530e4e5e6ea72e349c2cdb8a1b57a2479a4869d m 6530e4e5e6ea72e349c2cdb8a1b57a2479a4869d PLAT-73:Change the development version in platform distro (#18)

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