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  1. Update versions

  2. Build

  3. Push docker image

  4. Validate

  5. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  6. Release 2nd stage

  7. Release 3rd stage

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17 minutes
OpenMRS Platform
27d03af5583ef6469ae1a8071c6268db0197a0d9 27d03af5583ef6469ae1a8071c6268db0197a0d9
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1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370
bdcc3f899d886529ac05beaf68ccebfb360a65e1 bdcc3f899d886529ac05beaf68ccebfb360a65e1
5dd1a9ed48fa8a9e76b7629c02436abbd3ce1f7d 5dd1a9ed48fa8a9e76b7629c02436abbd3ce1f7d
Failing since
#26 (Rebuilt by GITA CLIFF)
Fixed in
#47 (Changes by Ian Bacher)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


This build has been failing since #26
No one has taken responsibility

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Darius Jazayeri Darius Jazayeri 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 Bamboo was unable to extract changes between revision 655d03a5914d1f756094ceb9373d5629bab2a3a5 and 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370.

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Error summary for Release to maven

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[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed. Attempting to do a release rollback.
[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed, scroll up the logs to see the error. release:rollback was attempted. Delete the tag from the repository (if it exists), check if the SCM tag is a ssh and not http and try again.