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  • Pascal Brandt <>

    Pascal Brandt <> d5ea73d6659788449e4c13af19c30390fbfcc4e9

    Merge pull request #51 from Ankitkumar94/OWA-18
    OWA-18 : Fixed 404 not found error

  • Ankit kumar <>

    Ankit kumar <> 134314062ad128780bb69c04b5786f874d03d935

    Fixed the 404 not found error using getContextPath
    Fixed the 404 not found error using getContextPath

    OWA-18 : Fixed 404 not found error using getContextPath

    Fixed the "404 not found error" (in case of deploying webapp through
    "openmrs-standalone platform") by adding conditions on server context
    through "HttpServletRequest.getContextPath()" interface.

    Fixed 404 not found error using "getContextPath"

    Fixed 404 not found error using getContextPath

    • omod/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/owa/web/controller/ (version 134314062ad128780bb69c04b5786f874d03d935)

Release scripts

  • cintiadr <>

    cintiadr <> cb25741d3d6fa89e79187ec68f849228fcafce94

    Trying to improve error handling

    • (version cb25741d3d6fa89e79187ec68f849228fcafce94)
  • cintiadr <>

    cintiadr <> 03bbc693d0be9695ca15e6092b68236f3779f9d1

    Adding bash incantation to fail on problems

    • (version 03bbc693d0be9695ca15e6092b68236f3779f9d1)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 3b213fe8979ee0c47b7779f9db3410334c97dfd1

    Disabled strict host key checking

    • (version 3b213fe8979ee0c47b7779f9db3410334c97dfd1)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski a2ebe9128e62cb4f757b17e674df93a4fa46d648


    • (version a2ebe9128e62cb4f757b17e674df93a4fa46d648)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 63ead3a3bc79b0976ca5ff983f0056d3fed4866b


    • (version 63ead3a3bc79b0976ca5ff983f0056d3fed4866b)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 033170525ff814b9ef278d32bbc48ac5283ce82f

    Adding exec permissions

    • (version 033170525ff814b9ef278d32bbc48ac5283ce82f)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski eb5f140cc161bb18dc4920fd7c2d348c23af060c


    • (version eb5f140cc161bb18dc4920fd7c2d348c23af060c)
  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 7145ae0dce463fc0d2ec30017415ba26b72a6504

    Allowing for -SNAPSHOT when passing dev version

    • (version 7145ae0dce463fc0d2ec30017415ba26b72a6504)