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Jira Issues

This page lists the Jira issues that have been linked to builds related to this plan, ordered by last built. This includes issues specified in commit messages, labels or comments for builds, as well as issues manually linked to builds.

Jira Issues (4 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Last Built
Bug PROV-104 Properly map the sequences via hibernate. Closed Aman Mishra 2.12.0 2 related builds Last built: 2 days ago
Bug PROV-106 Correct the liquibase checksums for OpenMRS Provider Management module Closed Aman Mishra 2.12.0 1 related build Last built: 1 week ago
Bug PROV-105 Liquibase Error on Initializing Provider Management Module on PostgreSQL Closed Aman Mishra 2.12.0 1 related build Last built: 2 weeks ago
Bug RA-452 XSS vulnerabilities in Ref App 2.x Waiting for Test Samuel Male Reference Application 2.11.0 87 related builds Last built: 9 months ago
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