Plan responsible for building Docker images for the 3.x demo and development sites

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Stages & jobs

  1. Build and Release Distribution to Dev

  2. Build and Release Demo

    Requires a user to start manually

Code commits

Distribution 3.x

  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher e58e0938e410367e2d9725370cd656a07cb75c30

    Remove duplicated HIV OCL package

    • package/config/configuration/ocl/ (version e58e0938e410367e2d9725370cd656a07cb75c30)
  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher 6990d588e2287005fa2fb9939bf2463b74f6b4eb

    Fix metadata

    • package/config/configuration/programs/programs_demo-package-hiv.csv (version 6990d588e2287005fa2fb9939bf2463b74f6b4eb)