Plan responsible for building Docker images for the 3.x demo and development sites

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  2. Release to Demo

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ef8b787bc209676d555388ddf0889d4f01a1be12 ef8b787bc209676d555388ddf0889d4f01a1be12
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89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059
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#39 (Manual run from the stage: Release to Demo by Ian Bacher)

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Ian Bacher Ian Bacher ef8b787bc209676d555388ddf0889d4f01a1be12 ef8b787bc209676d555388ddf0889d4f01a1be12 Fix SCM information

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Some of the jobs or stages referenced by this result no longer exist.

Manual stage Release to Demo cannot be run as it references jobs that no longer exist.