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Deploys Reference Application SNAPSHOT to maven

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Job: Deploy to qa-refapp was successful

Stages & jobs

  1. Deploy Reference Application

  2. Deploy docker image

  3. Deploy to qa-refapp

  4. Validate

  5. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  6. Set variables

  7. Release others

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WARNING! Using --password via the CLI is insecure. Use --password-stdin.
WARNING! Your password will be stored unencrypted in /home/bamboo-agent/.docker/config.json.
Configure a credential helper to remove this warning. See

+ docker pull openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro@sha256:58c54ed9a395a67a54c9d2f31d9ba724c23d9e84c51b489cf5e4ae4f4842dd44
+ docker tag openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro@sha256:58c54ed9a395a67a54c9d2f31d9ba724c23d9e84c51b489cf5e4ae4f4842dd44 openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro:qa
+ docker push openmrs/openmrs-reference-application-distro:qa