Deploys Reference Application SNAPSHOT to maven

Build: #4943 was successful

Job: Run UI tests on Travis was successful

Stages & jobs

  1. Create Reference Application packages

  2. Deploy to Automated Functional Test Server

  3. Run UI Tests

  4. Deploy to Manual Test Server

  5. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  6. Create Standalone

Job result summary

6 minutes
eb6a6c4de404f0d2ef8c068bc55d6b632f2d09e2 eb6a6c4de404f0d2ef8c068bc55d6b632f2d09e2
Total tests
First to pass since
#4941 (Child of UITF-UITF-101)


  • 10 tests in total
  • 2 tests were fixed
  • 3 tests were quarantined / skipped
  • 10 minutes taken in total.
Fixed tests 2
Status Test Failing since Duration
Successful CaptureVitalsTest captureVital History
Failing since build #4942 (Manual run by Daniel Kayiwa) 2 mins
Successful SearchActiveVisitsTest searchActiveVisitsByPatientNameOrIdOrLastSeenTest History
Failing since build #4941 (Child of UITF-UITF-101) 45 secs