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e4efd3457bb807e1ae3255f53780e74c82143268 e4efd3457bb807e1ae3255f53780e74c82143268
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bb61e06483cd415a55b72cceac8d10ad00ee4e8a bb61e06483cd415a55b72cceac8d10ad00ee4e8a
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#25 (Manual run by Rafal Korytkowski)

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dkayiwa <> dkayiwa <> e4efd3457bb807e1ae3255f53780e74c82143268 e4efd3457bb807e1ae3255f53780e74c82143268 Fixing ClassNotFoundException: org.openmrs.api.PatientSetService$GroupMethod
Release scripts
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Rafal Korytkowski Rafal Korytkowski bb61e06483cd415a55b72cceac8d10ad00ee4e8a bb61e06483cd415a55b72cceac8d10ad00ee4e8a Enabled back releases
Rafal Korytkowski Rafal Korytkowski 6838ef459eaf10bff4b4b809e7757497728068b1 6838ef459eaf10bff4b4b809e7757497728068b1 Disabled releases for maven repo migration
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> 61b5779f3d208b9b2028511111c356ae0ba5b6f4 61b5779f3d208b9b2028511111c356ae0ba5b6f4 Update
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> 9542061b74bb2cd901c75ec374d9d0a6cebbe376 9542061b74bb2cd901c75ec374d9d0a6cebbe376 Try to enforce -snapshot on dev versions

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[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed. Attempting to do a release rollback.
[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed, scroll up the logs to see the error. release:rollback was attempted. Delete the tag from the repository (if it exists), check if the SCM tag is a ssh and not http and try again.