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Build: #1528 was successful Scheduled with changes by tomekdo3 <> and Ziyao Zhang <>

Code commits


  • tomekdo3 <>

    tomekdo3 <> b375bb74d1f28313d5c5cb5c7fa4d856686102e5

    [GCI-192] Remove the declaration of thrown exception 'org.openmrs.module.ModuleException' which is a runtime exception. (#2352)

    • web/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/web/filter/ (version b375bb74d1f28313d5c5cb5c7fa4d856686102e5)
  • Ziyao Zhang <>

    Ziyao Zhang <> e878d72033023270f2084ecf6020f3ef958c11ed

    GCI-202: Add a private constructor to WebConstants (#2335)

    • web/src/main/java/org/openmrs/web/ (version e878d72033023270f2084ecf6020f3ef958c11ed)