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    Detected hung build state. Attempting to generate stack trace and terminate spawned sub-processes.

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Varun Gupta <> Varun Gupta <> 1a9ff34d174c8edcad5f5689ddadf8183c92712d 1a9ff34d174c8edcad5f5689ddadf8183c92712d TRUNK-5657 : Removed code duplication.
agamvrinos <> agamvrinos <> 2f7ad74b87905f1794978f30a03d96d5b82a1186 2f7ad74b87905f1794978f30a03d96d5b82a1186 TRUNK-5707: Replace all instances of @verifies in openmrs-core
kangbreder <> kangbreder <> 1c21cb563496bbfeb58133b0ad2ea8b39121783e 1c21cb563496bbfeb58133b0ad2ea8b39121783e TRUNK-5704: Deleted the ShouldTaglet class
CaptainDaVinci <> CaptainDaVinci <> a4ccdcf07113232bcd3535d521b86ea1967e1c74 a4ccdcf07113232bcd3535d521b86ea1967e1c74 TRUNK-5706: Replace all instances of `@should`

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Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-5657Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-5704Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-5706Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-5707Could not obtain issue details from Jira

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Security framework of XStream not initialized, XStream is probably vulnerable.
[Field error in object 'term' on field 'conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB': rejected value [weight term(WGT234)]; codes [ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.term.conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.term.conceptReferenceTermMaps.termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.conceptReferenceTermMaps.termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.termB,,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped]; arguments []; default message [Cannot map a reference term multiple times to the same concept reference term]]
INFO 3/25/20 9:08 PM:liquibase: Creating database history table with name: LIQUIBASECHANGELOG
INFO 3/25/20 9:08 PM:liquibase: Reading from LIQUIBASECHANGELOG
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