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43e9c6545d57f13f4077b906183ee24c5a4a56d3 43e9c6545d57f13f4077b906183ee24c5a4a56d3
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Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 43e9c6545d57f13f4077b906183ee24c5a4a56d3 43e9c6545d57f13f4077b906183ee24c5a4a56d3 :pray: fix the license header for good
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher e1a2eb936244f87d5de4e3a1915113131c6feb39 e1a2eb936244f87d5de4e3a1915113131c6feb39 Third attempt
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher c32e23bbdfcc754fc360fef356362640b346b2e5 c32e23bbdfcc754fc360fef356362640b346b2e5 Second attempt at restoring license header
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher b60d73b49436bf75147752253beaeb6da071fb9f b60d73b49436bf75147752253beaeb6da071fb9f Restore license header to pom.xml
Accidentally removed in 13508bf
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 13508bf9529fe8cd16cdf1540e610cc9b0594b49 13508bf9529fe8cd16cdf1540e610cc9b0594b49 Updating repository URLs to HTTPS
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