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Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima ed119bd962516b147ba6de258dc4d09c35762a55 ed119bd962516b147ba6de258dc4d09c35762a55 Added a separate error message when locale is blank on the localesAndThemesFormController - 377
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 98984f5711cb16e8941d30a948eac5dab6c7ff8f 98984f5711cb16e8941d30a948eac5dab6c7ff8f Made locale required
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 3fb4e1a1880dbb878929ff5a6beb7c696f9b905b 3fb4e1a1880dbb878929ff5a6beb7c696f9b905b Applyin auto format changes
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima fea8305d6288d982b655a7c1b37f3fe47d57aa3d fea8305d6288d982b655a7c1b37f3fe47d57aa3d Follow up to not require locale on localeAndTheme form, updated the error message for encounter datetime - TRUNK-377
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima da4da1fb44f1b6945e145b543f6ff7ca80caba16 da4da1fb44f1b6945e145b543f6ff7ca80caba16 Clarify required fields on management interfaces - TRUNK-377
Switched to calling errors.globalErrorCount instead of errors.hasGlobalErrors() - TRUNK-377

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Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-377Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-3044Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-3483Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-3675Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-4350Could not obtain issue details from Jira