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Build: #839 was successful Scheduled with changes by Daniel Kayiwa and Samuel Male <samuelsmalek@gmail.com>

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  • Daniel Kayiwa

    Daniel Kayiwa 88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b

    Reverting my temporary change for -alpha

    • release-prepare-perform.sh (version 88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b)


  • Samuel Male <samuelsmalek@gmail.com>

    Samuel Male <samuelsmalek@gmail.com> aa19b49378884b4804b5bd0a8b2b31f43a0dfc6a

    Updated openmrsVersion dependency to 2.2.0-alpha (#163)

    • api-2.2/pom.xml (version aa19b49378884b4804b5bd0a8b2b31f43a0dfc6a)