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  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke

    Stephen Senkomago Musoke e8baa697ed26319e24d7b8e5a5d5fa7b53c197b0

    RA-1592 : Boostrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project - Update JQuery to the latest version

  • Akayeshmantha <akayeshmantha@apache.org>

    Akayeshmantha <akayeshmantha@apache.org> e4a441347e90eaac9a43e1dad0f4c0f04792a094

    add trusty distribution for travis.

    • .travis.yml (version e4a441347e90eaac9a43e1dad0f4c0f04792a094)
  • Akayeshmantha <akayeshmantha@apache.org>

    Akayeshmantha <akayeshmantha@apache.org> 0f0005fe106ff26eb7d954fd506ae810a07bc741

    fix the jqeury conflict by adding latest jquery version.

    • omod/src/main/webapp/pages/allergies.gsp (version 0f0005fe106ff26eb7d954fd506ae810a07bc741)