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Job Deploy to maven with key TRUNK-MASTER-DEP no longer exists.

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The build generated some errors. See the full build log for more details.

+ export IMAGE=openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:7e324e0bbe2f7f57a45add883e9780762e73d7e624b1e44b4a8a7870fdf80e94
+ IMAGE=openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:7e324e0bbe2f7f57a45add883e9780762e73d7e624b1e44b4a8a7870fdf80e94
+ docker pull openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:7e324e0bbe2f7f57a45add883e9780762e73d7e624b1e44b4a8a7870fdf80e94
+ docker run --rm -w=/app -v /home/bamboo-agent/.m2:/.m2 openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:7e324e0bbe2f7f57a45add883e9780762e73d7e624b1e44b4a8a7870fdf80e94 mvn deploy -DskipTests --settings /.m2/settings.xml