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+ export IMAGE=openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:ee7ddae649c32313b50234f5f7c4df05456f0e1ad5c43c51f80bbc97ff0eda21
+ IMAGE=openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:ee7ddae649c32313b50234f5f7c4df05456f0e1ad5c43c51f80bbc97ff0eda21
+ docker pull openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:ee7ddae649c32313b50234f5f7c4df05456f0e1ad5c43c51f80bbc97ff0eda21
+ docker run --rm openmrs/openmrs-core@sha256:ee7ddae649c32313b50234f5f7c4df05456f0e1ad5c43c51f80bbc97ff0eda21 mvn test -Pskip-default-test -Pintegration-test