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79b755140b8ddfd7b583dd0849351337d8620cee 79b755140b8ddfd7b583dd0849351337d8620cee
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Job Build and Test with key TRUNK-MASTER-JOB1 no longer exists.


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Collapse Failed ReferralOrderTest cloneForDiscontinuing_shouldSetAllTheRelevantFields History
< 1 sec
org.opentest4j.AssertionFailedError: should set previous order to anOrder ==> expected: <Order. orderId: null patient: Patient#null concept: Concept #null care setting: CareSetting[hashCode=8c1d6a3d,uuid=b847ebaf-569c-44c0-9320-e65934442a0c]> but was: <null>
	at org.openmrs.ReferralOrderTest.cloneForDiscontinuing_shouldSetAllTheRelevantFields(