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  • Daniel Kayiwa

    Daniel Kayiwa 1eb8e5e2d356984e95a21ce811ff9e52e16802ff

    Merge pull request #1314 from OpenHMIS/TRUNK-4590
    Updated the h2 dependency version to 1.4.185

  • Wes Brown <>

    Wes Brown <> 2a3509c7803caa3d5313f6ec04254f0b89cacaf4

    Removed previous fix for h2 table locking issues.

    • api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/api/ (version 2a3509c7803caa3d5313f6ec04254f0b89cacaf4)
  • Wes Brown <>

    Wes Brown <> af32012972dd1586bc6e9d057269a9692d2c336c

    Updated the h2 dependency version to 1.4.185     Fix for TRUNK-4590 and TRUNK-4591     When running under Java 1.8 the previous H2 version result in lock timeouts on EncounterServiceTest         saveEncounter_shouldNotOverwriteObsAndOrdersCreatorOrDateCreated and         saveEncounter_shouldSetDateStoppedOnTheOriginalAfterAddingReviseOrder.

    • pom.xml (version af32012972dd1586bc6e9d057269a9692d2c336c)