Plan for OpenMRS Core 1.12.x

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Code commits


  • Geof Wasilwa <>

    Geof Wasilwa <> f06ecb0cd0a8179eca35e1a8930a7cf082a66f6f

    TRUNK-4846: Search by ID displays double results
    Searching for a concept by ID displayed double results. This commit
    ensures that only unique results are returned.

    (cherry picked from commit 8fa67ffc6b07da8c27c89bfe9b79efd0a67b2939)

    • web/src/main/java/org/openmrs/web/dwr/ (version f06ecb0cd0a8179eca35e1a8930a7cf082a66f6f)
    • web/src/test/java/org/openmrs/web/dwr/ (version f06ecb0cd0a8179eca35e1a8930a7cf082a66f6f)
    • web/src/test/resources/org/openmrs/web/dwr/include/DWRConceptServiceTest-coded-concept-with-no-answers.xml (version f06ecb0cd0a8179eca35e1a8930a7cf082a66f6f)