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f8017cb0b7719476d7ffa23dd2fc85b00e31a7ea f8017cb0b7719476d7ffa23dd2fc85b00e31a7ea
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5b416af0a90e6a162755d06d53b81d906ec4ef36 5b416af0a90e6a162755d06d53b81d906ec4ef36
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#845 (Manual run from the stage: Release by Willa Mhawila)
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Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima f8017cb0b7719476d7ffa23dd2fc85b00e31a7ea f8017cb0b7719476d7ffa23dd2fc85b00e31a7ea Merge pull request #49 from mhawila/RA-1507
RA-1507: Fix estimated date fields being disabled permanently once th…
Willa Mhawila <> Willa Mhawila <> baee2517f7487cb669493d373461912093e006b4 baee2517f7487cb669493d373461912093e006b4 RA-1507: Fix estimated date fields being disabled permanently once the exact date fields are populated

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[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed. Attempting to do a release rollback.
[ERROR] mvn release:prepare failed, scroll up the logs to see the error. release:rollback was attempted. Delete the tag from the repository (if it exists), check if the SCM tag is a ssh and not http and try again.