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  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke

    Stephen Senkomago Musoke 1bbddb09b25efbed2b74ef0403e760a479799013

    RA-1592 : Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project - Login and Home Page buttons

  • Akayeshmantha <>

    Akayeshmantha <> f90c0857fae137645b4fc2060c32fedc1d44c948

    fix on login page css and home page buttons.

    • scss/src/main/resources/sass/reference/fragments/_buttons.scss (version f90c0857fae137645b4fc2060c32fedc1d44c948)
    • scss/src/main/resources/sass/reference/fragments/_login.scss (version f90c0857fae137645b4fc2060c32fedc1d44c948)

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