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89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059
e44c30565f652db2d742e1d662e4e119b4e176de e44c30565f652db2d742e1d662e4e119b4e176de
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Brandon Istenes <> Brandon Istenes <> 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059 Pull unreviewed translations (#8)
* Pull unreviewed translations

Also automatically add translations for languages once they start being translated in Transifex. Also produce useful error messages when failing.
Author Commit Message Commit date
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher c9a3c9fecb9ab44f67bfcdf96d454bfef9366b0f c9a3c9fecb9ab44f67bfcdf96d454bfef9366b0f Restore JaCoCo coverage :prayer_hands:
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher e60be2595f9f1ec0c39f97c95aab815aac600e2d e60be2595f9f1ec0c39f97c95aab815aac600e2d Update pom.xml
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 9651efa500d6c0d55b4e4e4d1fe5c64a9fdf2aa9 9651efa500d6c0d55b4e4e4d1fe5c64a9fdf2aa9 Consistent whitespace in POM