Build: #7 did not complete

Job: Test on MariaDB did not complete

Stages & jobs

  1. Update versions

  2. Build

  3. Push docker image

  4. Validate

  5. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  6. Release 2nd stage

  7. Release 3rd stage

Job result summary

Source updated

Error summary

The build generated some errors. See the full build log for more details.

+ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f -f docker-compose.mariadb.yml down -v
Removing network docker-compose_default
Network docker-compose_default not found.
Removing volume docker-compose_db-data
Volume docker-compose_db-data not found.
Removing volume docker-compose_web-data
Volume docker-compose_web-data not found.
+ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f -f docker-compose.mariadb.yml up --build -d
Creating network "docker-compose_default" with the default driver
Creating volume "docker-compose_db-data" with default driver
Creating volume "docker-compose_web-data" with default driver
Pulling db (mariadb:10)...
Building web
Creating docker-compose_db_1 ...

Creating docker-compose_db_1 ... done
Creating docker-compose_web_1 ...

Creating docker-compose_web_1 ... done
+ sleep 500
Stopping docker-compose_web_1 ...
Stopping docker-compose_db_1  ...
Force Stop build feature is enabled for current plan. Either Bamboo has detected the build has hung or it has been manually stopped.
Build was manually stopped.