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#226 (Manual run by Daniel Kayiwa)
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Ivo Ulrich <> Ivo Ulrich <> dd0c47db515b8e7ee1c346d6bd52f852c06be115 dd0c47db515b8e7ee1c346d6bd52f852c06be115 Merge pull request #295 from teleivo/RAD-157
RAD-157 Add formatter for javascript files
teleivo <> teleivo <> bd94fba1e5c7e49652b54b97ed179de6e355e50f bd94fba1e5c7e49652b54b97ed179de6e355e50f RAD-157 Add formatter for javascript files
our javascript files are a mess, they should follow a style guide as well and
be formatted automatically

* switch to maveninformatics formatter fork since his releases are up to date
and javascript formatting works
* move datatables in subfolder so they can be excluded from formatting via its
folder and tinymce is also in a subfolder
* format .js files only in omod and exclude third party files like datatables
and jquery
* remove <script> from .js files so they are formatted
* most js are already included with opnmrs:htmlinclude,
radiologyOrderList.js needs a little workaround because
it has spring message tags that need to be rendered by jsp compiler
* update readme
* run travis only against java7 since java 6 is not supported by formatter

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