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  • Ivo Ulrich <>

    Ivo Ulrich <> 4538893b12c39492d9bd7e0f6a160d1dd79673d2

    Merge pull request #326 from teleivo/RAD-173
    RAD-173 Prevent empty report body

  • teleivo <>

    teleivo <> d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09

    RAD-173 Prevent empty report body
    RadiologyReportValidator prevents an empty report body when completing a
    report, so a completed report always has a report body.

    * adjusted RadiologyReportValidator to fail on empty report body
    * adjusted radiologyReportForm to show error spans properly
    * use jquery in tinymce init
    * autowire RadiologyReportValidator since its already available as component
    * fix error in RadiologyReportFormController, did not make proper use of the

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/radiology/report/ (version d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09)
    • api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/radiology/report/ (version d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09)
    • omod/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/radiology/report/web/ (version d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/reports/radiologyReportForm.jsp (version d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09)
    • omod/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/radiology/report/web/ (version d2221c64be88ff55bbd4cdc15daf0e8eea7ecf09)