Plan responsible for building Docker images for the 3.x demo and development sites

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  1. Build and Release Distribution to Dev

  2. Release to Demo

    Requires a user to start manually

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Brandon Istenes <> Brandon Istenes <> c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5 c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5 Merge pull request #10 from openmrs/no-new-lang
Don't automatically pull in new messages files
Brandon Istenes <> Brandon Istenes <> 089b049dada13e4b6a9c0aca2338242b4dcb884b 089b049dada13e4b6a9c0aca2338242b4dcb884b Don't automatically pull in new messages files
New languages also have to be added to /omod/src/main/resources/config.xml manually whenever they are added. Therefore automatically downloading the language file is just confusing.

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Some of the jobs or stages referenced by this result no longer exist.

Manual stage Release to Demo cannot be run as it references jobs that no longer exist.