Plan responsible for building Docker images for the 3.x demo and development sites

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  1. Build and Release Distribution to Dev

  2. Build and Release Demo

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b14cc2a224ebb8c32830cbf2331e571d4c2fb5be b14cc2a224ebb8c32830cbf2331e571d4c2fb5be
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c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5 c4475a9228b197817dce78683d9da8a1e2c4e3a5
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#91 (Changes by grace potma <>)
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Ian Bacher Ian Bacher b14cc2a224ebb8c32830cbf2331e571d4c2fb5be b14cc2a224ebb8c32830cbf2331e571d4c2fb5be Try older version of OMRS

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