Distribution 2.x

Deploys Reference Application SNAPSHOT to maven

Quarantined tests

When tests are known to fail, or fail intermittently, you can temporarily make Bamboo ignore their result by putting them into quarantine.


  1. Successful
  2. Successful
  3. Successful
  4. Failed
  5. Failed
  6. Skipped
  7. Successful
  8. Successful
  9. Successful
  10. Successful

The test status shows the recent results of a test, with the most recent on the right. If the status indicator is mostly green, it might be time to resume the test. This test status bar only shows the status of tests while they were in quarantine.

Test Job Status Quarantined by Quarantined at
RegistrationAppTest registerAPatient History Distribution 2.x
  1. Failed
  2. Failed
Daniel Kayiwa