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  • Michael Seaton <>

    Michael Seaton <> 5eea335e615b7f9bec782912dcd7eb3db55dd57f

    Merge pull request #138 from andela-foladeji/cb-46
    CB-46: Add patientWithAttribute to BuiltInCohortDefinitionLibrary

  • Femi Oladeji <>

    Femi Oladeji <> 33a6ca9f875bc0ccda35118abb4b2ccb352810f1

    Add personWithAttribute definition library key to BuiltInCohortDefinitionLibrary

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/reporting/cohort/definition/library/ (version 33a6ca9f875bc0ccda35118abb4b2ccb352810f1)
    • api/src/main/resources/ (version 33a6ca9f875bc0ccda35118abb4b2ccb352810f1)