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Build: #751 failed

Job: Test against 1.10 failed

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Key Value
buildKey REP-REP-T1DOT10
buildNumber 751
buildTimeStamp 2018-08-28T12:38:48.753Z
DependencyTriggerReason.triggeringBuildResultKey HTMLWIDGETS-HTMLWIDGETS-186


The following parameters have been used by this build.

Name Value
transifex.password ******** master
dockerhub.password ********
maven.release.version 1.17.0
test.db.bamboo_admin.password ********
maven.development.version ********
dockerhub.username openmrsci
preparing.refapp.distro.release false
mavenBuildGoals clean install reportingVersion
transifex.username AKIAI7KMDL5KP2673G7A