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Gayan Weerakutti <> Gayan Weerakutti <> 639ad0273ee0c086cd823e3c118e657ec4f0b09e 639ad0273ee0c086cd823e3c118e657ec4f0b09e RESTWS-562 Improve Resource Definition Documentation (#288)
* RESTWS-562 Improve Resource Definition Documentation

- adds swagger-core library
  * uses its Java API and model classes to construct and generate the swagger json.
- introudce new methods which model objects used in constructing the definitions section:
  * getGETModel(Representation) :  returns a object represting GET representation schema of resource
  * getCREATEModel(Representation) : returns a object representing CREATE representation shema of a resource
  * getUPDATEModel(Representation) : returns a object representing POST Update representation schema of a resource

ex: PersonGet, PersonCreate, PersonUpdate
- adds new test cases to:

- adds support for multiple representation types
GET schemas have support for representations: DEFAULT, REF, and FULL
CREATE schemas have support for representations: DEFAULT, and FULL
POST_UPDATE schemas have support for representations: DEFAULT

  * uses default schema for the shema of responses and parameters

* Fixup, document undocumented methods

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