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Lluis Martinez <> Lluis Martinez <> 6d52835bada49c5c8ca9ff5b9a6e83b48ef3d7f6 6d52835bada49c5c8ca9ff5b9a6e83b48ef3d7f6 More throws Exception removed
Ivo Ulrich <> Ivo Ulrich <> 88b8255073ba16c1072403462f4736134c3b23c9 88b8255073ba16c1072403462f4736134c3b23c9 Merge pull request #2120 from teleivo/globalerrors-matcher
TRUNK-5137 Add custom hamcrest matcher HasGlobalError
Ivo Ulrich <> Ivo Ulrich <> e58f93aa310ddce0ab59d481fec48e72391eddfb e58f93aa310ddce0ab59d481fec48e72391eddfb Merge pull request #2119 from DataMinerUK/TRUNK-248
TRUNK-248 Add tests for junit TODOs
teleivo <> teleivo <> ab5b9ac57be9a7935262a0ba62852c957445f1fe ab5b9ac57be9a7935262a0ba62852c957445f1fe TRUNK-5137 Add custom hamcrest matcher HasGlobalError
Add a custom hamcrest matcher HasGlobalErrors which enables

assertThat(errors, hasGlobalErrors());
assertThat(errors, hasGlobalErrors("error.null"));

Provide factories which enables the above after static imports of
the matcher.

Show use of matcher in PersonNameValidatorTest and ConceptValidatorTest
Nicola Hughes <> Nicola Hughes <> 8d9af2c31a96860ca5c3e68acdd461defb0668a2 8d9af2c31a96860ca5c3e68acdd461defb0668a2 TRUNK-248 Refactoring LocationEditor to get text if text not null and improving test coverage
Authors: @DataMinerUK @matmoore


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Collapse Failed ConceptValidatorTest validate_shouldFailIfAnyNameIsAnEmptyString History
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Expected: to have global error of code ''
     but: was <org.springframework.validation.BindException: org.springframework.validation.BeanPropertyBindingResult: 2 errors
Field error in object 'concept' on field 'datatype': rejected value [null]; codes [Concept.datatype.empty.concept.datatype,Concept.datatype.empty.datatype,,Concept.datatype.empty]; arguments []; default message [null]
Field error in object 'concept' on field 'conceptClass': rejected value [null]; codes [Concept.conceptClass.empty.concept.conceptClass,Concept.conceptClass.empty.conceptClass,,Concept.conceptClass.empty]; arguments []; default message [null]>
	at org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat(
	at org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat(
	at org.openmrs.validator.ConceptValidatorTest.validate_shouldFailIfAnyNameIsAnEmptyString(

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