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d33ab88d966193833792047d7bb91796107da9de d33ab88d966193833792047d7bb91796107da9de
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#1631 (Manual run by Daniel Kayiwa)
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teleivo <> teleivo <> d33ab88d966193833792047d7bb91796107da9de d33ab88d966193833792047d7bb91796107da9de Add missing tests for Module.getExtensions()
* add tests to achieve full coverage of getExtensions()
* use a more realisitc setup as Module follows in its creation
via ModuleFileParser
teleivo <> teleivo <> 61a1b3ef5ce0ef2b2612c2c7b54f4c5d3fd3becf 61a1b3ef5ce0ef2b2612c2c7b54f4c5d3fd3becf Turn ModuleExtensionsTest into unit tests
ModuleExtensionsTest uses powermock and asserts on private methods which
is not needed as we can assert on the resulting List of Extensions
whether the extension names are expanded

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[Field error in object 'term' on field 'conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB': rejected value [weight term(WGT234)]; codes [ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.term.conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.term.conceptReferenceTermMaps.termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.conceptReferenceTermMaps[1].termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.conceptReferenceTermMaps.termB,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped.termB,,ConceptReferenceTerm.termToTerm.alreadyMapped]; arguments []; default message [Cannot map a reference term multiple times to the same concept reference term]]
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