Sonar metrics for OpenMRS Core Master

Build: #1696 was successful Scheduled with changes by teleivo <> and Ivo Ulrich <>

Code commits


  • Ivo Ulrich <>

    Ivo Ulrich <> d0109e54f503d86323dac1a89eb4395d91ec0218

    Merge pull request #2668 from teleivo/TRUNK-5401
    TRUNK-5401 Remove powermock from PatientServiceImplTest

  • teleivo <>

    teleivo <> 713dc2f8b568475b147fab210ecf46ca47a98fd0

    Fix indentation in PatientServiceImplTest
    use tabs instead of spaces

    • api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/api/impl/ (version 713dc2f8b568475b147fab210ecf46ca47a98fd0)
  • teleivo <>

    teleivo <> c96259040419241ba7ed77ef949a09ee13e8477c

    TRUNK-5401 Do not use PowerMock in PatientServiceImplTest

    • api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/api/impl/ (version c96259040419241ba7ed77ef949a09ee13e8477c)