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21 minutes
0bae18e5ddfbb9d01825de58b4c89a0a246b92c6 0bae18e5ddfbb9d01825de58b4c89a0a246b92c6
Total tests
First to pass since
#1566 (Run by child build TRUNK-STAND)

Configuration changes

Job Build and Test with key TRUNK-MASTER-JOB1 no longer exists.


  • 3,508 tests in total
  • 1 test was fixed
  • 39 tests were quarantined / skipped
  • 11 minutes taken in total.
Fixed tests 1
Status Test Failing since Duration
Successful ConceptValidatorTest validate_shouldFailIfAnyNameIsAnEmptyString History
Failing since build #1566 (Run by child build TRUNK-STAND) < 1 sec